About R.Ed.I.

WHO WE ARE – R.Ed.I. Arts and Education Foundation is a not for profit organization founded in 2006. R.Ed.I. utilizes traditional methods of the performing arts to develop a means to deliver a powerful time tested, award winning prevention program for kids. The show STAND UP! Change Teen Statistics has a strong history of successful collaborations with schools, organizations that work with kids and educational leaders. Since the debut of the program in 2010, the program has served over 60,000 kids and school leaders.

MISSION – Providing information, hope and help for our nation’s kids, by effectively changing attitudes and behaviors regarding drug, alcohol, and physical abuse, depression, suicide, bullying, cyberbullying, sexting, texting and driving, self-mutilation, physical violence, body image, prejudice, dating violence, hatecrimes, peer pressure and teen pregnancy.These issues are addressed through R.Ed.I’s prevention education musical theater show/program titled STAND UP! ChangeTeen Statistics.

VISION – All people, schools, communities, community and professional theaters throughout the nation now have the opportunity to acquire the performance rights and license to put the STANDUP! play on at their location and using their own students. By applying for the performance license you will have the opportunity to deliver and replicate the STAND UP! Change Teen Statistics program and show in your school or community.

Our licensees have like-minded missions, and a passion for helping kids navigate the challenges they face by providing them with information, hope and help. The STAND UP! licensing program has been created to serve as many people as possible with the powerful STAND UP! show.