R.Ed.I.’s show “STAND UP! Change Teen Statistcs” is based on the real life stories and experiences of over 60 teens. Once they shared their stories, professional writers and composers were commissioned to put it in professional musical theater format. The show is touring to high schools and conferences for teens and for those who work with teens. R.Ed.I.’s predecessor and whom R.Ed.I. has been modeled after booked an average of 95 show a year in Chicago and surrounding communities and reached over one million teens. The model show earned the following

• The U.S. Department of Education and Justice recognized the models as “one of the top youth groups in the nation working to improve the health of our country.”
• The Illinois Department of Justice in conjunction with the Department of Family Services recognized the model’s important contributions by funding the development of a second group.
• Stanford University targeted the model for research on their “Champions of Change” study.
• The Illinois Arts Council awarded the model the Outstanding Contribution Award
• The model was featured and profiled on several national television shows.
• The model performed an average of 95 shows a year on a local level.

STAND UP! Change Teen Statistics is slated to surpass all previous achievements.