Licensing Guide

Congratulation on choosing to present the STAND UP! play!
Please note: The STAND UP! play is protected under the US Copyright Act. Before you can produce STAND UP! you must obtain a license. A license grants you rights to perform the show.

It’s easy!!!

To obtain a performance license, please complete and submit the STAND UP! Show Licensing Application. Application can be filled out online or through printing the form and returning it via fax e-mail or mail.

Your application can be processed quickly.

There are two basic fees involved in licensing a the STAND UP! play:

A rental fee: $500.00
A refundable security deposit $200.00

When you enter into a licensing agreement, the materials needed to produce the play will be provided to you. The standard rental time is two months prior to your initial performance. Additional fees apply for each additional rental month.

The security deposit is refunded upon return of the rental materials to the R.Ed.I. office, minus outstanding balances, damage or loss of material.

Once you have reviewed the Production License Agreement and if the terms are acceptable to your organization, sign the Production License Agreement and return it to the R.Ed.I. Foundation. Once R.Ed.I. has received your signed Production License Agreement and the appropriate fees and deposit have been received the materials will immediately be sent out to you.

Your Production/Performance license is only valid for 5 weeks after the date of issue. To secure the performance rights you desire, you must return the license, signed and with payment within that time period. If it is not returned as outlined above, show availability may not be possible.