The Show

STAND UP! Change Teen Statistics is a play and prevention program all in one!  By using the power of the performing arts STAND UP! Change Teen Statistics is a unique creation.

The development of the show was fueled by the desire to create a prevention program that would truly create positive change for hard to reach teens and to foster conversations on difficult subjects. Audiences will laugh, cry, be entertained, have their hearts warmed, and walk away inspired, empowered and armed with information that will help them make the next right choice.  The ultimate goal is giving young audience members an experience that will transform their lives and assist them in coming one step closer to reaching their full human potential.

The goal was to give you a school play, which was easy to produce; great for your drama department or theater outreach program and one that would truly make a difference and leave audiences with an experience they will never forget.

The show engages the audience, raises awareness, and encourages healthy resolutions and actions, and targets the issues on a peer-to-peer level, in frank and clear “teen” language that young audiences can relate. The music and raps are designed to bring the message home and to continue the messages for longer broader benefits.

Besides being a musical teenagers love, STAND UP! has garnered impressive endorsements, acquired impactful research results and has proved to be a valuable, effective and important form of prevention education for teens and for providers who work with teens. It has been presented as the keynote to several school leaders, principals and PTA conferences and is endorsed by educators, school counselors, and administrators as an effective method to reach teens.